SCR 500 report 2023

SCR 500 report 2023

UN Academic Impact

UN Academic Impact
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All time high in voter turnout expected, drawing a line under 5 years of continuous cacophony

October 28, 2020. New York. – Five years of the most irritating, noisy, and inconsistent coverage of two U.S. presidential campaigns are coming to an end.

And instead of U.S. citizens turning their back on the political system, their response is clear: 2020 will see the highest commitment from U.S. citizens to their democracy in decades, if not ever.

“What began in 2015 with the media thinking long-held standards in coverage no longer mattered because high audience numbers in the short term often resulted in unexpected profits is now coming to an end five years later,” says Roland Schatz, founder and CEO of Media Tenor. “No matter which party a voter usually prefers, people prefer solutions over conflict, respect over disrespect, and fair representation for ALL versus the unjust advantages of the few. What seemed to be attractive to 21% of the voters in 2016 has lost its appeal for the vast majority of voters who prefer political figures who play by the rules. By the way, is true not only for the two candidates, but for the media as well, who are, in a fashion, up for a vote each and every day.”

With less than a week until the 2020 elections – and with more than 70 million having already voted – Trump has largely lost his chance to convince the American people he is capable of addressing the multiple crises that now face the nation. However, the way the American voting systems functions may now be as much a factor in deciding the winner as policy and media coverage themselves.

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