SCR 500 report 2023

SCR 500 report 2023

UN Academic Impact

UN Academic Impact
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Trump loses Fox’s favor… and the power of his endorsements

(New York. November 22, 2022.) Even on Fox News, which was strongly supportive of Donald Trump and his policies as a candidate and then as president, the former leader’s image has eroded, according to new research from Media Tenor International.

While much of this negativity is related to investigations into Trump himself, including the January 6th hearings, the negativity has also been aimed at other topics – such as his personality – which have been the subject of positivity for his supporters in the past. Other areas of positivity – such as on the border, have not received enough coverage to counteract consistent criticisms from opponents.

This marked decline may help to explain Trump’s diminished role as a kingmaker during the recent mid-term elections, where the Republican Party did not fare as well as expected, and many candidates Trump openly supported, including Mehmet Oz in the Pennsylvania senate race, failed to secure wins.

This analysis represents 9,485 reports on Fox News focusing on Donald Trump since January 1, 2017.

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